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An office is an area for work or study, a space where strategies are formed and creative ideas come to life. Whilst offices may vary in size, and the type of work completed, there are some common threads that run throughout. It has been shown that an office with an abundance of natural light, has a positive impact on the occupant’s wellbeing, productivity and creativity. Many people spend their whole working day in an office environment, so it’s essential to create a space that is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and of course highly functional. It’s difficult to imagine an office these days that doesn’t contain computer screens and monitors, and therefore a balance has to be found between ‘abundant natural light’, and ‘controlled light’ to reduce glare on screens and monitors. Privacy also has to be considered when work is of a confidential nature. The correct choice of commercial curtains and blinds can help deal with these issues.


Considerations when choosing curtains and blinds for offices and commercial areas:

Aesthetically pleasing – should co-ordinate with, and enhance a businesses corporate image

Light control – maximise natural light and minimise glare on computer screens

Privacy – is there confidential work that requires total blockout options

Noise – is sound pollution or noise reverberation an issue

Commercial Curtains and Blinds: Design and Ergonomics

Style and Aesthetic

Style and Aesthetic

Commercial spaces come in all shapes and sizes, whether it’s a corporate head office, a retail outlet, a medical centre or a hospitality venue, curtains and blinds are an integral part of the design and finish for a commercial space. 

When choosing commercial curtains and blinds, customer facing spaces need a co-ordinated aesthetic that projects the right first impression to visitors, whilst being consistent with the businesses image and branding. For example, sheer and lined custom made curtains are a great way to instantly deliver a level of luxury and sophistication, softening a space to create a welcoming and relaxed environment – think hotel lobbies, high end retail stores etc. Alternatively, roller blinds are ideally suited to businesses and environments that require a more modern or cleaner look – think cafes, medical centres etc.

For ‘back of house’ commercial spaces, the emphasis leans more to employee focussed issues to create a great working environment that maximises productivity and job satisfaction.

Light and Heat Control

Light and Heat Control

Abundant natural light has been proven to have a positive impact on employee wellbeing, creativity, and productivity. However, living in Australia as we do (even if Melbourne can be a little undecided weatherwise), the need to control the light entering a space is critically important.  Most offices and commercial spaces are filled with computers or similar devices, and the amount of natural light entering a space can seriously hinder their usage as the incoming light reflects off the screens. In summertime this light is not only problematic, it is incredibly hot, and can make a work environment very uncomfortable, even when the air conditioning is running.

Commercial curtains and blinds that can control and filter the heat and light are a must in these situations. Roller blinds are particularly well suited to these environments due to the different fabric types available and the option to combine them (sunscreen and blockout) if necessary. Reducing the heat entering a space is also energy efficient and can help reduce the strain on air conditioning units in the summer months.


There are many spaces within a commercial environment that demand privacy. They could be meeting rooms, consulting rooms, treatment rooms, a space for counselling staff, or areas containing sensitive and private information. Commercial curtains and blinds are a great way to create a temporary or permanent screen when privacy is required.

Roller blinds and venetian blinds are excellent choices for areas like meeting rooms, conference rooms and boardrooms. They allow controlled light into the space, but can easily be closed when privacy is required, or to reduce light when presentations are being displayed.

Noise / Sound

Commercial spaces by their very nature can be noisy environments. Densely populated with employees, customers, equipment and a whole range of hard surfaces (flooring, glass, desks etc) sound waves can reverberate around the space creating an environment that is no longer the relaxed productive setting you had initially imagined. Commercial curtains and blinds can help to minimise sound reverberation within a space, as well as reducing the external ambient noise entering the building.

Whilst all fabrics offer some level of sound absorption, lined curtains offer the best solution, especially when made with specialist acoustic fabrics.

Commercial Curtains and Blinds For Your Unique Workspace

Office roller blinds

Office roller blinds

Stylish and efficient

Roller blinds provide a highly functional option for office areas. Offering a clean minimalistic finish, they are durable, practical and provide a range of light control and privacy options. They are available in 3 different types of fabric – sunscreen, light filtering and blockout. All 3 fabric types reduce glare on computer screens and monitors, with sunscreen blinds still offering a view out of the window and a level of daytime privacy. If a greater level of light control is required, then light filtering and blockout roller blinds are the better individual options, with both also offering a high level of privacy. For the best overall solution, where both light control and privacy are an issue, we suggest the addition of a double bracket system which allows 2 blinds to be mounted together, usually a sunscreen blind for light control and a blockout blind for total privacy.

Office Sheer Curtains

The trend setter

Sheer curtains are currently the hottest trend and have become incredibly popular due to shows like The Block, and high exposure in home and décor magazines. They filter the light coming into the office, which is beneficial for computer screens and monitors, and provide a level of daytime privacy. When excessive light is not an issue for glare, the sheers can be pulled open to maximise the natural light available. Whilst not providing a full level of privacy, they can be paired with either a blockout roller blind, or with a separate lining curtain fitted to a track behind the sheer, to achieve this if required. Although the current trend is to have full length sheer curtains which slightly pool on the ground, we would not recommend this for an office area as it could create a trip hazard. If you’re looking for commercial curtains and blinds that are not only ideal for the office but add style to any space, sheer curtains are your best bet. 

Office Blockout Curtains

As the name suggests

Blockout curtains are designed to do just that – block out the light. This means they are ideally suited for office areas that require complete privacy. Fitted on a track system, they can be pulled open at times when privacy is not required. If there is direct sunlight coming through an office window, and a sheer curtain won’t provide sufficient shade or glare reduction, then a blockout curtain is a great option. Professionally made office blockout curtains will keep your office cool in summer and better insulated in winter. However, there is no option for filtered light with blockout curtains – they are either open (full light coming in) or closed (complete blockout). If you want to achieve a filtered light you may want to consider pairing the blockout curtain with a sunscreen roller blind.

Curious to learn more about Blockout curtains? Our Blockout Curtains and Blockout Blinds post covers everything you need to know. 

Office roman blinds

Office roman blinds

Versatile elegance

Roman blinds are generally more suited to smaller, boutique type offices. They deliver a softer, less contemporary style than roller blinds or venetians, enabling them to co-ordinate beautifully with the interior design and soft furnishings in this type of office. They are ideal for blocking out light from computer screens and provide excellent privacy when required. However, if you also want to achieve a filtered light, you may want to consider fitting a sunscreen roller blind behind the roman blind.

Office Venetian Blinds

A true classic

Aluminium venetian blinds have been popular in office environments for decades. They are simple to use, control the light, offer privacy, and are very cost effective. For an elegant, more premium look, our range of Visionwood timber venetians are available in a range of designer colours to co-ordinate beautifully with your office furniture and décor. Using the controls to angle the slats, it’s possible to maximise natural light, reduce glare on computer screens and maintain privacy when required. If the office is located in a particularly dusty environment though we would generally not recommend office venetian blinds, as the horizontal slats can be prone to collecting dust in such situations.


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