Frequently asked questions

In this section we aim to address many of the questions that customers and prospective customers may have.
 However if you have a question that isn’t covered below, please send us a message and we will get back to you with the answer.


Are all Roller Blinds made the same ?

No, this is certainly not the case. There are a number of key components to a good quality roller blind. The size and strength of the internal tube, the quality of the chain drive system, and the way the fabric is cut to size, all come together to make a superior product.

What's the difference between custom made and custom cut down ?

Custom made provides the highest quality and means all the component parts for your blind have been manufactured to the specific dimensions of your window. All fabric is laser cut from rolls to ensure the sharpest, cleanest edges that won’t fray over time.

Custom cut down usually means that the blinds have been cheaply imported from overseas in standard lengths. They are then just cut down to the size required for your window.

How do your prices compare to buying products online ?

As mentioned in one of the other FAQ’s, it is important to remember that not all products are made equally. However, if you compare our products against those of a similar quality standard, our prices will always be very competitive.

Indeed if you consider that our price also includes a consultation, in home measure and quote, and installation, there is no doubt we offer superior value and service to anything you will find online, or from any other competitor for that matter.

Are you able to provide us with a quote for our new home from plans ?

Yes we can. Just email the plans to us, and we can work out a number of options and suggestions for you.

I've seen a fabric that I like, are you able to source it for me ?

We have arrangements with all the major fabric houses. If you provide us with the details of the fabric, we will be able to source it for you.

Can I add motors to my existing blinds ?

This will be dependant on the existing product that you are wanting to motorise. Send us a quick message with the curtain or roller blind details and we will be able to advise accordingly.

I'm going to carry out some painting at home, how do I remove my Roller Blind so it doesn't get damaged ?

All roller blinds have a chain end and a pin end. As the name suggests, the chain end houses the chain which controls the blind. The other end is the pin end, and is always the end that needs to be removed from its bracket first.


Raise the blind to the top position. At the pin end, there is a cog which sits between the roller blind tube and the mounting bracket. Whilst holding the roller blind tube, rotate the cog towards the window if fitted on the left of the blind, or away from the window if fitted on the right of the blind. This will make the pin retreat back into the roller blind tube, allowing it to then be removed from the mounting bracket. Once removed, the chain end of the roller blind will simply slide out from its mounting bracket at the other end. 


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