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Putting you in control

Free yourself from chains and cords with the latest range of battery and hard wired electric motors. Effortless, child-safe, and perfectly designed for modern living, they provide complete control.

Suitable to use with several different types of window furnishings, they can be operated using beautiful slimline remote controls, or connected via wi-fi for a total home automation solution.

Evans Curtains and Blinds is a proud partner of the Somfy Expert program, recognising our commitment to delivering world class motorisation and automation solutions.

Living room sheer curtains


Compatible with many products

Motor and battery technology has continued to evolve, leading to increased customer demand. This has led manufacturers to re-design products to be more motor and automation friendly.

Within our current range of window furnishings we can offer motorisation of curtain tracks, roller blinds, roman blinds and most recently added, plantation shutters.


  • Ease of use
  • Child safe – no cords or chains
  • Clean, comtemporary look
  • Add the ‘wow’ factor to any room
  • Suitable for a wide range of window furnishings

Ease of use

Control options

With our range of motors and accessories, you are always in control. As a standrad feature, motors are operated with a single remote control. This can be a single channel remote, controlling an individual motor, or a multi channel remote, which can control upto 15 different motors.

By the addition of a hardware hub connected to your home wi-fi network, you can expand your control options further. The motors connect to the hub, allowing them to be controlled via a smartphone app, or by a home assistant, to give you complete control wherever you are.


  • Remotely access whilst away from home
  • Works with Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Set individual timers, or group rooms together
  • Create scene settings – perfect for movie night
Motorisation hardware
Living room roller blinds


Battery motors

Battery technology has improved enormously in recent years, and the latest versions of wirefree motors take full advantage of this.

Each motor has a built in lithium-ion battery which can hold sufficient charge to operate a single blind for around 12 months. When a recharge is required, a charging cable is simply pushed into a connector on the motor. The blind does not need to be removed from its fitted position for this to happen.


  • No electrical work required
  • Can be installed and programmed on the same day your curtains and blinds are fitted
  • Will still operate in the event of a power outage
  • Same control options as hard wired motors

Set and forget

Hard wired motors

Hard wired motors, as the name suggests, need to be connected to a permanent electrical supply. If you are building a new property or carrying out renovations, then it should be straight forward for a qualified electrician to make the necessary connections. We are happy to manage this process for you, so the connections are accessible in the right places.

However, it may be more challenging (and therefore more costly) to make the same connections in an existing property.


  • Less expensive to purchase than wirefree motors
  • Factor in the cost of electrical work
  • No re-charging required
  • Settings and programming are maintained in the event of a power outage
Living room with sheer curtains and roman blinds


We’re here to help

We take the time to listen, and to explore how you want to utilise motors and automation to help with your busy lifestyle. That’s when our knowledge and experience really starts to show through. We will guide you through the process, looking at all the factors so we can best advise you.

Which furnishings to motorise

Although it is now possible to motorise most types of window coverings, there are certain situations where the automation process can have a really big impact.

Amongst their many features and advantages, motors are easy to use, child safe and provide convenience. So when deciding which window coverings you may like to motorise, work through these key benefits to identify the areas where they can be most useful.

In our experience this will include things like :-

Blockout roller blinds which are located behind a sheer curtain. By motorising the blind you won’t need to open and close the sheer curtain everytime you want to raise or lower the blockout blind.

Children’s bedrooms or play areas. By eliminating chains and cords, not only can ensure your childrens safety, but you can also prevent the chains and cords being damaged by rough treatment.

If you have a blind fitted in a hard to reach area, for example located high on a staircase or landing, a motor can make controlling it much easier and avoid the need for an excessively long chain or cord to hang down. 

Battery or hard wired

As detailed above, both types of motor offer advantages. Battery motors are easy to install, require no electrical work and can run for over 12 months before needing a recharge. Hard wired motors are more cost effective to purchase, and will never need to be recharged. So which is the best solution for you ? 

This really comes down to how easy or difficult it will be to make the necessary electrical connections in your home. In most situations, the cost savings from purchasing hard wired motors as oppose to battery motors, disappears very quickly once the cost of electrical work is added in. Also, it may not be possible to get the electrical connection in the absolute perfect spot due to structural limitations with your home. 

However, if the motorisation is to assist an older member of the family, or someone with disabilities, a hard wired motor may still be the best option. Recharging a battery motor requires a charging lead to be connected to the motor, and this may not be physically possible for that person without assistance.

We can advise you on how each option would work in your home, and go through the recharging process with you, so you can fully understand your options.


Single channel or multi channel remote

This is choice based on how you want to utilise and control the motors. For some customers they like the idea of a single channel remote mounted on the wall next to each motorised product. This makes ease of use incredibly simple. However if there are multiple motors in a room, each requiring its own wall mounted remote, this may detract from the overall aesthetic of the room.

As many products can have motors retrofitted, it’s also worth considering if you may add additional motors in the future. If that’s a possibility we would be suggesting you future proof yourself by opting for the 15 channel remote, even if only one channel will initially be used.

Remote access via wi-fi and hub

We can advise you on the best way to setup a system that will provide you with full access to your window furnishings, even when you are not home.

Utilising the latest technology we can show you to how to control you motorised products using your smartphone, or a home assistant such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.

We will also make recommendations to you about any additional hardware you may require if you have a particularly large home, or a home with wi-fi ‘dead spots’.

Programming times and scene settings

It’s possible to apply timers and create scene settings for the ultimate in ease of use. We can show you the all the options, to make this happen, and we will complete the setup process for you when the time comes to install your new motors.

The most common setups revolve around a morning routine which might open various blinds at certain times, and a night time routine which does the opposite. There is flexibilty to change the programming for each day of the week, so your Sunday morning sleep-in doesn’t get disturbed !

Motorisation represents an investment in your home that should last for many years. So get in touch with the experts and let our experienced team guide you through the process.


What people are saying

“I am so happy with the customer service and installation of my my curtains and plantation shutters. Sam has an incredible eye for detail and design, and helped me make decisions regarding colour and stye to enhance my new home. David installed the curtains and was clean, neat and professional. I would highly recommend them for their services.”

Kate S, Dingley Village.

“Very satisfied with the service we received from Sam and David of Evans Curtains and Blinds. From the intial measuring up and quote, to the installation of the curtains, the service and expertise was excellent. We are pleased with the finished product and have no hesitation in recommending this company.”

Gladys W, Beaumaris.

“Quality products, helpful staff and very reasonably priced. Evans Curtains and Blinds have been installing products at our hospital for 5 years +. Highly recommended.”

Andrew C, Heidelberg.

“Highly recommend. Quality products with a large selection to choose from. They even recommended an app for remote control which works amazingly. Ordering was easy, in fact the whole process was easy.”

Catherine B, Mount Eliza.

“Absolutely love my new blinds and sheers! Super happy with Evans Curtains and Blinds and would highly recommend them. They offer fantastic service and amazing quality products. They were so helpful throughout the process 10/10 would definitely use again. Thank you so much.”

Charlotte W, Frankston South.

“Samantha and David were a delight to work with and greatly assisted us with new curtains and blinds for our renovated home. They are professional, friendly, highly experienced, and always went the extra mile without a blink. I would highly recommend them.”

Mel R, Mount Eliza.


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