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The multi-purpose space

Living Rooms fulfil many roles in a home. They provide a place to relax, a space to entertain family and friends, somewhere to watch TV or a movie, and more recently even a place to work or learn from. With so much traffic, and so many uses for a living room, it is important to select window coverings that are versatile, durable, and of course look fantastic !


Considerations when choosing curtains for living room:

Glare – sunlight reflecting on TV screens, computers and devices

Daytime privacy – is the room overlooked, or is it open to the street out front

Night time privacy and security – living rooms are not bedrooms, so how much privacy is needed

Décor – the window coverings must co-ordinate with, and enhance the rooms internal décor

Our recommendations:

Curtains for living room

Living Room Sheer Curtains

The trend setter

Sheer curtains are currently the hottest trend and have become incredibly popular due to shows like The Block, and high exposure in home and décor magazines. They filter the light entering a room which is beneficial for TV screens, provide a level of daytime privacy, reduce heat transfer, and with thousands of fabric options available, can be designed and made to suit any interior décor. Whilst not providing any night time privacy, curtains for living room can be paired with either a blockout roller blind, or with a separate lining curtain fitted to a track behind the sheer, to achieve this if required.

Living room sheer curtains

Living Room Blockout Curtains

As the name suggests

Blockout curtains are designed to do just that – block out the light. This means they are perfect curtains for your living room if you want to create a home theatre experience with all the light blocked from your TV screen. They provide complete night time privacy and security, and with over 5000 fabric samples available there will be no problem sourcing a fabric to suit your décor. Professionally made Living room blockout curtains will also keep your room cool in summer and better insulated in winter. They don’t however provide any daytime privacy, so if your Living Room is overlooked, or is open to a busy street, you may want to consider pairing the curtain with a sunscreen roller blind.

Living room roller blinds

Stylish and efficient

Roller blinds provide a highly functional option for living room areas. Offering a clean minimalistic finish, they are durable, practical and provide a range of light control and privacy options. They are available in 3 different types of fabric – sunscreen, light filtering and blockout. All 3 fabric types reduce glare on TV’s and computer screens, with sunscreen blinds still offering a view out of the window and a level of daytime privacy. For the best overall solution, where both light control and privacy are an issue, we suggest the addition of a double bracket system which allows 2 blinds to be mounted together, usually a sunscreen blind for light control and a blockout blind for total privacy.

Living room roller blinds

Living Room Venetian Blinds

A true classic

Venetian blinds can offer your living room a timeless classic look. Our range of Visionwood timber venetians are available in a range of designer colours to co-ordinate beautifully with your living room décor. Using the cord controls to angle the slats, the light can be managed to suit TV screens, achieve daytime privacy, and offer night time privacy and security.

Living room roman blinds

Versatile elegance

The wide range of fabric choices available for roman blinds makes them a good option for living room areas. They are ideal for blocking out light from TV’s and computer screens and provide excellent night time privacy and security. They deliver a softer, less contemporary style than roller blinds do, which enables them to co-ordinate beautifully with living room soft furnishings such as couches, cushions, throws and rugs.

Living Room Plantation Shutters

Relaxed sophistication

Plantation shutters provide a wonderful luxury finish for any window and are well suited to a living room environment. Adjusting the louvres controls the light entering the room to minimise glare and maximise daytime and night time privacy as required. Whilst white remains a firm colour favourite with customers, living room plantation shutters are available in a range of colours to really enhance and co-ordinate with your living room decor.

Living room plantation shutters


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