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Made to measure blinds refer to window furnishings that are made to fit your windows perfectly. Each aspect of the blind is customised to your exact requirements in terms of length, drop, fabric, colour and method of control. This ensures your made to measure blinds give the exact look, style and decor you want for your home.

Custom blinds are the number one choice of homeowners, interior designers, architects and builders. They offer a beautiful design aesthetic whilst delivering practical solutions that co-ordinate perfectly with your space.

There are several types of custom blinds, each offering their own specific features and advantages. Let’s take a look at how each can help you achieve the perfect fit for your windows.

Roller Blinds

Style and function

Made to measure Roller blinds are an easy-to-use, practical and stylish window furnishing solution. They can be used as a stand alone product to provide a clean, contemporary syle, or paired with a sheer or lined drape to offer a luxurious yet practical solution.

Our custom Roller Blinds are made locally in Melbourne, using the latest laser cutting machinery, superior quality European components, and extra heavy duty aluminium tubing to ensure their durability and long lifespan. They utilise an advanced chain system for precise raising and lowering, and can also be motorised either at the time of install, or later as a retrofit.

Office roller blinds

Size and fitting options

Generally Roller Blinds are measured to fit either inside the window opening (recess fit), or to the architrave around the window opening (face fit). Custom blinds that are face fitted provide greater light control and privacy as they extend beyond the window opening. Recess fitted blinds give a clean look as the blind is contained within the window opening, however there will always be a slight gap on each side between the fabric and the window frame due to the space required for the roller blinds mechanism.

Roller Blinds can be custom made to any width from 30cm to 3metres. For continuous openings greater that 3metres, multiple roller blinds can be linked together to still provide a single control point.

Fabric options

Custom Roller Blinds can be divided into 3 main categories,  – sunscreen, light filtering and blockout, with each type available in a range of fabrics and colours.

Sunscreen blinds provide daytime privacy whilst offering a view to the outside, and blockout fabrics offer the best room darkening and night time privacy. Light filtering allow light into the room whilst still provding a level of privacy. For a solution which offers the best option for day and night time, custom Roller Blinds can be installed with a slimline double bracket so 2 fabric types can be installed on  the same window.

Roman Blinds

Style and function

Custom made Roman Blinds are a soft, elegant and sophisticated window furnishing solution. Whether you’re looking for a traditional, classic or beachside aesthetic, made to measure Roman Blinds can be customised to perfectly match the style of your space.

Traditionally, Roman Blinds are adjusted with a cord which is tied off on a cleat once the blind is at the desired height. Additional functionality can be added to your made to measure Roman Blinds, by either replacing the cord with a chain system, which provides a roller blind type control, or  for the ultimate in ease of use, they can also be motorised.

Roman Blind - office

Size and fitting options

Made to measure Roman Blinds can be fitted either in a window recess, fixed to the architrave, or mounted higher up the wall above a window. Each method offers its own advantages. Fitting into a window recess gives a clean look as the blind is contained within the window opening. Roman Blinds don’t have fittings that extend beyond the width of the fabric, this means a much smaller light gap between the edge of the fabric and the inside of the window recess. Fitting to an architrave or above a window, enables the blind to extend beyond the window opening to provide better coverage. Fitting above the window allows the top folded panel to sit flush with the top of the window, which allows maximum light into the room when the blind is in the open position.

Roller Blinds can be custom made to any width from 60cm to 3metres. Larger width Roman Blinds often benefit greatly from either a chain system or motorisation, due to the weight of lifting the blind to the open poistion.

Fabric options

Custom Roman Blinds can be split into 2 distinct categories – hard romans and soft romans. The point of difference is the type of fabric being used. A hard Roman Blind is made using the same range of fabrics that our roller blinds are typically made with. This is ideal if you are looking to co-ordinate different prodcuts within the same space.

A custom made soft Roman Blind can be made using almost any type of fabric. We currently hold over 5000 individual fabric samples, and this number grows every month as we stay upto date with the latest trends and new product releases. In addition we have commercial arrangements with all leading fabric manufacturers from Australia and around the world to ensure we can source the right fabric at a price that suits.

Venetian Blinds

Style and function

Made to measure Venetian Blinds offer a versatile and classic look for your space. They are well suited to a variety of rooms including living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Custom made Venetian Blinds are a practical and durable window furnishing option.

Available in a range of finishes and colours, they allow easy operation and light control by adjusting the angle of the horizontal slats.  They are often considered a cost-effective alternative to plantation shutters due to their similar look and light control properties.

Bathroom Venetian Blinds

Size and fitting options

Custom made Venetian Blinds can be fitted into a window recess, or alternatively onto the architrave around the window. Fitting into a window recess gives a clean look with the blind being completely contained within the window opening. Venetian Blinds only need a slight gap on each side to allow space for the header box to be fitted into the top brackets, enabling each slat to run almost the full width of the window opening. Fitting the blind onto the architrave enables the blind to extend beyond the window opening. This provides better coverage, ideal when you are wanting to block out as much light as possible.

Venetian Blinds can be custom made to any width from 35cm to 3metres. 

Finish options

Made to measure Venetian Blinds are available in both VisionWood and Aluminium finishes.

Manufactured from plantation grown Basswood, our VisionWood venetians offer an elegant, more premium look. They are available in a range of contemporary painted colours, rustic wood grains, and sophisticated high gloss finshes, making them easy to clean and fade resistant.

Our made to measure Aluminium Venetian Blinds are a practical and durable window furnishing option, that provide privacy and excellent light control. With a baked enamel finish available in over 60 standard colours, they are a popular choice with commercial customers and landlords.

Plantation Shutters

Style and function

Made to measure Plantation Shutters are a classical window furnishing solution offering both style and function. Perfect for bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms and kitchens, Plantation Shutters create a relaxed ambience.

The adjustable blades provide excellent air flow, and an easy and convenient way to control light and privacy. Both PVC and basswood timber options are durable, practical and easy to clean and maintain.

Plantation Shutters - hero

Size and fitting options

Custom made Plantation Shutters can be fitted in a number of ways to ensure the best result for your particular windows and home. Shutters are manufactured in panels, with each panel being custom made to the exact width and height required. Individual panels have a maximum width of 900mm, with multiple panels being combined to cover any size of opening.

Our Plantation Shutters can be made to fit either inside or outside a window opening. Fitting inside the window recess gives a clean look and prevents the shutters from taking up space in the room. However if the recess is not deep enough or the window is out of square, we can install an external frame around the opening to create the perfect custom fit.

Finish options

Made to measure Plantation Shutters are available in either a timber or PVC finish.

Our timber Plantation Shutters are manufactured from plantation grown Basswood, which has an attractive fine texture, resulting in a uniform smooth appearance. Basswood is sturdy, resistant to warping, and not easily affected by heat or moisture.

Custom made PVC Plantation Shutters are made from a solid aluminium core for stability, and carry a 10 year warranty. They are excellent for high moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, and can easily be cleaned and maintained.

Whilst white remains a firm favourite with customers, there are actually 15 standard colours to choose from, and 3 different louvre widths, so you can really customise the look to suit your space.


We’re here to help

As you will have noticed from the above information, our made to measure blinds offer a huge range of customisable options from design styles, functionality, fabrics and finishes, to the best place to install them.

In our experience each aspect has to be given equal consideration. A Roman Blind made in a beautiful fabric, will not give the right look and practicality, if it isn’t custom made to be installed in exactly the right place. This is when our experience of working with customers in Melboure for over 40 years, really starts to shine through. We have seen windows of all shapes and sizes (architects love creating challenging windows!) so we know which products will work best in a space, and what the limitations and issues may be with other products when looking at a specific window. By providing this advice we can guide you through the design process, looking at all the factors, so we can achieve the perfect made to measure blinds for you.



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